The Venue

Business Design Centre (BDC) 52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH

The BDC is a leading exhibition venue and is taking a number of measures to create a safe and comfortable environment for the event, ensuring hygiene and safety for exhibitors, suppliers and guests. These include:

- Thermal image temperature checks in reception and a handheld device in the loading bay to detect anyone who is 38 degrees and above
- A safe holding area in the forecourt for individuals to be retested in 10 minutes (incase they have been cycling or there is another reason meaning they don't have a temperature)
- Investment in cleaning machinery and chemicals that will sanitise large areas in a short space of time with chemicals certified by Public Health England and will protect surfaces for 30 days and skin for 24 hours, ensuring quick and thorough deep cleans can take place
- Touchless toilets - they are in the process of removing toilet flush plates and changing them to touchless in addition to touchless sink areas
- Installing touchless hand sanitisers around the venue - before and after any door
- Additional digital signage around the building advising the safety of guests


We understand that Christmas, gifting and hosting events have traditionally resulted in a large amount of material waste. However, through a number of initiatives, we are striving to operate in a more conscientious and sustainable way to minimise our impact on the environment.

We are delighted to announce the Festival has a new home and we are extremely excited to be working with the Business Design Centre. The BDC have been operating as certified Carbon Neutral venue for over 10 years, the first venue of its kind in the UK to do so. Further to this they employ 0% to landfill policy. Collaborating with this ethical and environmentally conscious organisation is just one way we are future-proofing our business.