Unlocking personalisation - How retailers create ideal consumer experiences

6th September, 2023

In our age of AI-powered algorithms and expansion of the online world, our journey as consumers has become largely individualised to our very personal needs. Smart advertisements can be seen through many different platforms - social media, online retail, search engines. As buyers, we are now used to the system catering to our special unique desires, making every purchase an entire experience. This has propelled the concept of personalisation to the forefront of the retail industry, revolutionising the way brands engage with their customers. The personalisation of your shopping experience is the trick that successful retailers have to master in order to truly satisfy their customers. 

Customers like to feel special and brands like Sephora know how to deliver it. Their personalised omnichannel experience is a fantastic way to engage with buyers and transfer the shopping experience over different media. Through the Sephora app customers are able to book in-store makeup appointments, after which the makeup artist can log all of the products used into the customer’s Sephora account for easy purchasing. Members of the Sephora Beauty Insider Program complete individual quizzes and questionnaires to get precise product recommendations.  Every brand platform displays and syncs customer patterns, preferences, and loyalty points, enabling a truly omnichannel experience. This scheme allows Sephora to cater to every client’s individual desires, truly highlighting the importance of a personalized experience. 

Another fantastic example of total personalisation is Nike’s Nike By You program that allows customisation of shoes and clothes. The ability to create something completely unique and special encourages customers to develop a connection with the brand - Nike allows their buyers to unleash their creativity which comes with obvious gratitude and further purchases. It also reinvents Nike as a whole - striving away from a sports brand it transforms into a stylish retailer that understands the necessity of originality. 

Retailers have been actively making their customers part of the conversation, expanding their shopping experience. Brands prioritize inclusion of buyers into creating, choosing, and tailoring the product (or the experience) directly to their personal needs. Successful personalisation programs are said to increase customer satisfaction rates up to 20%, as well as sales rates by up to 10-15%. Leaders of customer-experience (retailers with high customer satisfaction rates) have delivered returns to their shareholders that are threefold greater than the returns achieved by retailers with lower customer satisfaction scores. 

A ‘Prime’ example of successful personalisation and high satisfaction rates is, of course, Amazon. Reigning over the realm of extensive, online-only retail enterprises, Amazon has leveraged advanced data analysis to mold its endeavors in personalisation. Amazon has broadened its initiative in personalisation by demonstrating to users items that are frequently bought alongside the ones they are currently browsing, showcasing products suitable for bundling with those in a shopper’s cart, and proposing additional items through post-purchase emails. Persistently, Amazon is elevating the standards of personalisation by introducing progressively more detailed and inventive options for individual patrons. A notable instance is the debut of Amazon Prime Wardrobe's personalised shopping service, an exclusive offering tailored for Prime members. The sense of personalised exclusivity aids Amazon in securing a large client base for their subscriptions and memberships. 

The personalised world of retail has become an undeniable force, revolutionising the industry and redefining brand-consumer relationships. As retailers cater to individual preferences, they nurture a profound sense of connection, loyalty, and satisfaction that translates into both customer loyalty and increased business success. In an age where uniqueness is at the forefront, the path to triumph in retail lies in a meticulously curated, personalised journey for each and every customer.

Retail PR