Living Large: Our Lifestyle Gifts Power Pitching Event

17th November, 2022

The temperature might be dropping outside but, back in September, our retailers turned the heat UP! On the 22nd of September this year, we had our Lifestyle Gifts Power Pitching event, and heard about some of the incredible lifestyle products taking the market by storm this Christmas. From quality crafts to quality cocktails, we had the hottest retailers out there in attendance:

We were thrilled to partner with bunches for this event, who sell stunning bouquets, house plants and hampers, perfect for every occasion. They treated our media guests to some of their beautiful arrangements, which the journalists thoroughly enjoyed. But don’t take our word for it; Buzzfeed’s Elizabeth Cotton thought that ‘The flowers were stunning! All healthy and they arrived safely.’

She wasn’t the only one who loved the event, with 100% of the attending journalists rating it as ‘excellent’ and planning to return in the future. 


100% of our attending journalists also loved the six minute time frame, which used to be five. It provides enough time for our pitching brands to provide extra information, and for our journalists to ask their burning questions. In Jennifer Barton’s words, ‘lots more info seems to be packed into that extra minute’


Our Power Pitching events are a great opportunity for retailers and journalists to develop useful industry connections. Journalists can find incredible products worth writing about, whilst retailers get the exposure they deserve. 


On that note, we’re delighted to have received such warm feedback from the media in attendance - here is just a snapshot of some of our glowing reviews: 


“A fabulous and useful hour of the day to discover new brands and touch base with new launches.” Lara Sargent, Freelance/Metro


“I love how this event introduced me to new and interesting brands but also helped get my creative juices flowing (I came up with a couple of article ideas to pitch around these brands during the event).” Jennifer Barton, Freelance


“I found most of the brands were really great - I knew some more than others so it was a good chance to get acquainted with those I knew a little less as well as speak to the ones I knew well!” Ginevra Benedetti, Ideal Home


“A quick and easy way to find a lot of new content ideas all in one place - great event!” Amy Lockwood, Ideal Home/Real Homes


It wasn’t just our journalists who were impressed, either. Cricut knows how impactful our Power Pitching events can be: “Power Pitching is our single most effective PR activity, both in terms of ROI and calibre of contacts. It's a brilliant concept, delivered in a professional and smooth manner by the team at CIJ.” Kate Smith, Cricut


Our Lifestyle Gifts event was a fantastic success, with happy brands and journalists all round! The new year holds more exciting opportunities for brands and retailers to showcase their incredible products, especially as Valentines Day and Mother’s Day creep ever-closer! We’re really looking forward to all of the events we have planned for 2023!


We have Power Pitching events throughout the year. If you would like to take part in one of our Power Pitching events, then please email

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