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16th April, 2020 is your very own press page that hosts lifestyle and cut out imagery for the media to download to use for product placement & gift guides. You can include images, press releases, product descriptions, categories, pricing and a 'Sample Request' feature, which you can switch on or off. 

Please know that this is for much more than just Christmas products, you can change your products throughout the year with your A/W, S/S, Father’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Mother’s Day products and so on. 

See the Video Update here.

Here are some top tips to make the most of your subscription:

  • Update your products regularly, set reminders for every couple of months so that the content is relevant for journalists
  • Send the link to your custom press page (where you can choose your URL) alongside your press releases so that media can view, click and download relevant images in a few minutes
  • Add the link to your Company's press page URL on your website
  • Add your Company's press page URL to your email signature 
  • If you get a product download e-notification, follow up with the journalist or influencer straight away to see if they need any further information
  • Let us know if you have updated your pages recently as we send out regular 'Top Picks' emails to journalists

If you haven’t set up your page, we will activate your account and you will need to read the Getting Started Guide to set up your brand page and then add your products either individually or via the bulk upload template. is a great way to stay connected with the media throughout the year, in a professional and branded way as an alternative to sending a Dropbox or WeTransfer. The platform also provides continuity between our Power Pitching & Christmas events.

Christmas in July Team