Everything You Need to Know About our International Women’s Day Lunch Time Power Hour

12th March, 2021

International Women’s Day Lunch Time Power Hour: 11 Actionable Takeaways

For this year's International Women’s day, CIJ Group brought together some of the most inspirational women across PR, Media, and Retail industries for an hour-long lunchtime power hour. 

Hosted by our very own founder, Courtney Rogers, the webinar included:

  •  5 minute talks from 11 empowering and strong women

  •  11 actionable takeaways for people to implement, one from each, each unique and powerful

  • 100% inspirational content, with no two stories the same   

With over 300 attendees, we were overjoyed with the support and the coming together of so many to celebrate women in business, be inspired and learn some important takeaways that you can easily implement into your life. 

The feedback we, and the guests, have received has been so amazing, positive and uplifting! So in the spirit of sharing and wanting to empower as many people as possible, we wanted to share with you the highlights from each speaker in hope that this will motivate you as a woman in business as well!

Courtney Rogers, Founder of CIJ Group: Courtney is passionate about supporting women in business and women lead small businesses. An ambassador for personal development Courtney spoke about how three simple steps could help you  to work towards achieving success. 


  1. To show up 

  2. Carve out time to plan for success and 

  3. Put the plan into action. 

She encourages everyone to keep pushing with the belief and knowledge that results will follow.

Actionable Takeaway: Take a paper, write down your goals and take a tiny step towards it today!

Maxine Laceby, CEO of Absolute Collagen: Maxine’s talk focused on the not letting the “what if’s” hold you back from pushing forward and achieving your goals. With no business experience before launching her company, she discussed the importance of believing in your product and believing in yourself when starting a business. 

Actionable Takeaway: Be you! Be the person you are every day!

Helen Addis, Features Editor at ITV Lorraine & Co-Founder of The C List: Breast Cancer survivor and campaigner, Helen, shared her journey about spreading awareness of breast cancer and encouraging women to make it a normal to check for lumps. During Breast Cancer awareness month, she got the post to add a stamp to all mail to raise awareness stating that, “One thing I have learnt is that if you don’t ask, you don’t get,”

Actionable Takeaway:  Make checking your boobs and your bodies second nature, so everyone knows their normal

Martha Keith, Founder of Martha Brook: After quitting her day job to pursue her dreams of starting her own stationery business, Martha says one thing she learned looking back is that you are actually never ready to take that leap. She states that “If you wait until you're ready, you’ll wait your whole life”, and as women we need to be more confident in ourselves!

Actionable Takeaway: Write down three things you want to do but have been putting off because you don’t feel ready, and try one this week!

Suzanne Baum, Lifestyle Editor, Presenter on the @ooooo Live Shopping App & Celebrity Interviewer: A celebrity interviewer, Suzanne had to massively adapt how she worked when the pandemic hit, including turning her bathroom into her virtual interview room! She found time to start telling human interest stories, which she loves far more than any celebrity interview.
Actionable Takeaway: Be real, be honest and be relatable!

Nana Acheampong, Celebrity Style Editor & Founder of Styled by Nana: Nana started off in the fashion industry by completing 2 years of unpaid work experience. She highlighted how difficult it is for young adults to break into the industry who don’t have the money to work unpaid jobs for experience. This sparked her to set up mentoring schemes for these incoming talents, so they can be in careers they dream of.
Actionable Takeaway: Encourage professionals to mentor young adults or set up mentorship schemes to support a new and diverse workforce!

Lara Morgan, British Entrepreneur & Founder of Scentered: Lara began by discussing the importance of action, highlighting that action speaks louder than words. She linked this to explain the importance of building a mantra to motivate yourself and to set yourself new challenges, because standing still means someone else is overtaking.

Actionable Takeaway: Pause a minute. Go out and buy the biggest knickers and put them on. Calculated progress will beat procrastination all day long! 

Nina Webb, CEO of Brazen PR & Girls out loud ambassador: During the pandemic, Nina used this time to reflect on both her leadership strategy and skills. After taking an online leadership test, she got the result of  “kind” which took her back because she saw herself as strong and fearless. Then, the lightbulb moment came when she realised this quality exemplifies her ability to communicate and be a leader. 

Actionable Takeaway: Be Strong, Be Kind, Be You! That’s a BADASS warrior. 

Steph Douglas, Founder of Don't Buy her Flowers: A mother and business owner, Steph has faced the typical gender stereotypes placed upon women throughout her life, such as her role is in the house with her children. She touches on the importance of teaching your children equality at home so they understand both their dad and mum are strong and hardworking.

Actionable Takeaway: In order to run a business or take on a new job, you have to sacrifice some things ...and that's alright because we are just trying to figure it out!

Vivien Wong, Co-Founder of Little Moons: Vivien discusses the importance of defining moments in one's life, and how these moments can be the push to chase after your goals and dreams. Her defining moment was the reason Little Moons was created through heritage and craft.
Actionable Takeaway: Gift yourself a moment to take time to reflect! We all live two lives but the second begins when we realise we only have one!

Claire Etchell, Founder of NakedPRGirl: Claire encouraged everyone to realise that they are their own best asset and hopes that everyone will tell their own story. She believes no matter what job you have, everyone deserves to have a strong voice, personal brand, and the ability to manage their name.
Actionable Takeaway: Do that one thing today to work towards your personal brand. Don't wait, step forward and be brave, as a beautiful start awaits!

CIJ Team