5 Minutes With

14 January 2021

5 minutes with...

Susannah Taylor

You Magazine



"Don’t send blanket emails - I am looking for something that will be unique to our publication and often switch off at ‘Dear all…'"

Give us the inside scoop, what’s your favourite part about working for You Magazine?

YOU magazine has a huge audience of around 2 million readers a week, so to be able to write about wellbeing and know that it’s being received by that many people is an absolute honour. As it’s weekly I love to be able to write about health and wellbeing features that are 100% relevant to what people are experiencing in their lives right now which is very important considering the year we’ve all had. I am also very grateful to Jo Elvin the editor for trusting me with my ideas.

What’s the most memorable approach you’ve had from a PR?

Well there was a funny one I had the other day about the sexual positions that would burn the most calories this Christmas!!!! Up-there with being memorable was once being taken to the Maldives for a week for a skincare launch…I’m not sure I will ever forget that one (but am not suggesting this is a great idea for brands to do in any way - I don’t think it got them greater coverage than just having a product launch in London tbh). I’m currently baking Sourdough via Zoom with a hair brand - Manta - which is actually a great way of getting to know the founders and they have tapped into something we all want to be able to do.

What advice would you give a PR pitching to get attention and secure coverage from You Magazine?

  • Don’t send blanket emails - I am looking for something that will be unique to our publication and often switch off at ‘Dear all…'.
  • Please tell me about anything that's brand new and innovative as I love writing about new things or being the first to have the scoop on something .
  • Even new research is great (it doesn’t have to be a product launch) as I can write about this in the side column on my page in YOU.
  • I love a statistic as it backs up what I’m writing about.
  • It’s important that products are well researched and created or backed by experts at all times. With wellbeing I feel a real responsibility to be sending out the correct information that -where possible - is science based.
  • Please get my name right - sometimes pr’s send emails and change the name at the top and it will say ‘Hi India…’ (India works at Style mag!).
  • Please put the subject in the subject line so i can quickly know what it’s about.
  • Please send as much info/ research about the product as you can.
  • Please can I try the product where possible as I don’t like writing about things I have’t tried..I like to be able to write my column from a tried and tested, first person post of view.

What types of products and price points are you personally looking to feature?

It totally depends on what the product is, inexpensive is great as everyone loves a bargain, but I wouldn’t rule something out that’s splurge-worthy. Some things are worth paying the price for.

Tell us something interesting we don’t know about you!

I love singing - I’m not sure I’m actually any good but I sing all the time to myself, in the car, in the shower! Some friends of mine and I have actually formed a little band (!) which has been intermittent due to social distancing but hopefully we can do more of it in 2021.